National survey leaders

In recent years we have assisted a number of national governments and research institutes in conducting management surveys to facilitate international comparisons and develop national policies for improving management practices and productivity.

Australia & New Zealand

Roy Green    Renu Agarwal

Professor Roy Green and Dr. Renu Agarwal from University of Technology Sydney, with support from the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) in Australia and from the Ministry of Economic Development (MED), directed the management survey with manufacturing firms in 2009.


Daniela Scur    Jim Milway

James Milway and Daniela Scur from the Institute of Prosperity and Competitiveness directed the management survey withmanufacturing and retail firms in 2008-2009.


Andrea Tokman

Andrea Tokman from the Instituto de Políticas Públicas, Expansiva UDP directed the management survey with manufacturing firms in 2009-2010.

Eastern Europe

Helena Schweiger

Helena Schweiger from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development directed a survey of management practices in Eastern European and transition economies in 2008.




Jesse Groenewegen and Sjoerd Hardeman from Rabobank and Utrecht University and Harry Garretsen and Janka Stoker from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen directed the management survey of Dutch manufacturing firms in 2018

United States

John McConnel

Professor John McConnell from the Oregon Health and Science University has  ran a management surveys of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centres in 2008 and is currently surveying US hospitals.