Request special access to the WMS data form

The World Management Survey anonymized dataset is available on our website.

This is the page to request special tabulations of the WMS data that are unavailable in public form, including (but not limited to) data with identifiers. If your research does not need identifiers, please refer to the public datasets to see if one of the datasets available there would suffice.

We understand that sometimes researchers need to request firm identifiers in order to merge their own external datasets to the WMS data. We are happy to share the WMS data and look forward to many researchers to take advantage of this dataset, but we take data confidentiality very seriously and thus have steps that need to be taken before data access is granted. 

Please read the following very carefully, fill out the form and attach the non-disclosure agreement. We cannot send you any data, even if the project is approved, without a signed NDA. 


The World Management Survey data is collected under strict confidentiality rules, and some data will not be released. 

* We will not release data that falls within the last 3 years of being collected. At this point, we are still not able to make the data for African countries surveyed available with identifiers.

* We will not release data that in any way identify the managers who answered the survey (this data does not exist in our core database)

* Project approvals are for the specific project named here and no other uses of the data. If you would like to use the data for a different project than the one you applied for, please contact Thomaz Teodorovicz at with your new project proposal.

To apply for access please follow the instructions below:


Fill out and sign this non-disclosure form (electronic signatures not accepted – please sign it and scan a copy to attach to step 2 of this form)


Please carefully fill out the form below. Your request will be sent to the core WMS team and it will be discussed in the first team meeting after your request. We hold meetings monthly and aim to get to all requests at least every month, but please feel free to check in if you feel your request is taking too long.


Make sure you have read the data documentation before putting in a request. For example, including requests for variables that are not available or countries that do not exist in our database can slow down the process.





    Name of supervisor (if student)

    Project/paper title

    note:Please note that all approved projects will be added to the WMS projects list. The list will include your name, affiliation and project title


    Short research proposal outlining the intended use of the data. Please be specific. Data applications are for specific projects and are non-transferable between other research questions. Make sure you include a clear research question.

    Specifically name which variables you are seeking:

    Countries you want the data for:

    Which datasets you want to merge WMS with (write "none" if there are none):

    Does your university have secure data centre facilities?


    Is this request related to a class project? If yes, please state the class and instructor




    Upload the non-disclosure form

    PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN ONLY SUBMIT PDF FILES. If you submit any other type of files (.jpg or .doc, for example) the form will not be sent and you will not get an error message.

    If the research you are looking to do does not need firm identifiers, please