D-WMS: Questionnaires


On this page you will find all the available survey materials, but please visit the How to Run Your Survey page to see the steps we suggest to run your survey project properly. Click below to download each set of documents.

THE MATERIALS BELOW ARE FOR REFERENCE AND INFORMATION OF PROSPECTIVE SURVEY TEAMS AND INTERESTED RESEARCHERS. Everyone is welcome to use the survey questions and responses grid, but please note that to ensure comparability it is necessary to ensure the methodology is followed in a similar way to previous survey teams. Please get in touch with us if you would like to run your survey and we can help you set it up.


Scoring guide

The D-WMS scoring guide explains how to systematically score the school management practices that you hear described by the school principals during your interviews. Click below to download the PDF of the guide.


To ensure comparability, we use the same set of questions from the original World Management Survey. They are listed in the original survey tool instrument below. The difference between the WMS and the D-WMS lies in the scoring methodology, which takes a more detailed approach in the D-WMS.

Field forms

We have used SurveyCTO as the data entry tool for the D-WMS. We would be happy to set up a project space in our SurveyCTO server – please get in touch if you are interested. A screen shot of what the data collection tool looks like can be downloaded here. If you prefer to set up your own SurveyCTO form, please visit their website.