Eva-Maria Oppel (University of Hamburg)

Eva-Maria Oppel (University of Hamburg) 150 150 World Management Survey

Authors: Eva-Maria Oppel (PhD Candidate and Research Associate) Institution: University of Hamburg Short Description Our research questions can be summarized as follows: 1. What structural and organizational determinants predict the use of management practices, i.e.…

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Thomas Hoe (UCL)

Thomas Hoe (UCL) 150 150 World Management Survey

Authors: Thomas Hoe (PhD Student) Institution: University College London Short Description With the WMS data I plan to explore whether better- or worse-managed hospitals perform differently with respect to: (i) the level of insurance against…

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Felix Hagemeister (LMU)

Felix Hagemeister (LMU) 150 150 World Management Survey

Authors: Felix Hagemeister (Doctoral Candidate) Institution: LMU Munich Short Description I would like to make use of the data in the context of the PhD course “Advanced Topics in organizational Economics” taught by Prof. Florian…

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