Field experiments

Here you will find papers on management field experiments using the WMS methodology or WMS-inspired methodology.

Published & Working Papers

Does management matter: evidence from India

Nick Bloom, Benn Eifert, Aprajit Mahajan, David McKenzie and John Roberts, 2013

Published in The Quarterly Journal of Economics

A joint Stanford University and World Bank team is running a management field experiment in India. The project is working with 28 plants in large multi-plant firms to provide randomized free management consultancy to a treatment group alongside a control group. We are monitoring both groups and evaluating the impact of improved management on firm performance. The management treatment is being carried out by Accenture, a leading international consulting firm. The research is investigating the causal impact of the adoption of modern quality, inventory and efficiency management practices.


Does working from home work? Evidence from a Chinese experiment

Nicholas Bloom, James Liang, John Roberts and Zhichun Jenny Ying, 2015

Published in The Quarterly Journal of Economics

This paper reports the results of a “working from home” experiment in a 13,000 employee NASDAQ listed Chinese multinational. Home-working led to a 13% performance increase, of which about 9.5% is from working more minutes per shift (fewer breaks and sick-days) and 3.5% from more calls per minute (quieter working environment). Home workers also reported improved work satisfaction and their job attrition rate fell by 50%.



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