EMC 2020 – DAY 1

Videos for Day 1 of the Empirical Management Conference 2020

The 2020 Conference was held virtually “at” Cornell Dyson.


Paper 1: Improving Business Practices and the Boundary of the Entrepreneur: A Randomized Experiment Comparing Training, Consulting, Insourcing and Outsourcing

Paper 2: A Scientific Approach to Innovation Management: Evidence from Four Field Experiments

Paper 3: Fostering Innovation through Empowered Workers –Experimental Evidence from the Bangladeshi Garment Industry


Paper 1: No Line Left Behind: Assortative Matching Inside the Firm

Paper 2: Language Barriers in MNCs and Knowledge Transfers

COVID Lightening Session


Paper 1: Improving Public Sector Management at Scale?Experimental Evidence on School Governance in India

Paper 2: Management and Altruism in Health Care: Evidence From a Field Experiment in Kenya